• Mark Andy P5
    Mark Andy P5
    At the beginning of 2016 the company Tomex purchased a modern machine Mark Andy P5[...]
  • About us
    About us
    The company Tomex offers self-adhesive labels, non-adhesive tags ribbons and more! See who we are,...
  • Labels
    Labels play a crucial role in the supply chain. High quality is abrasion resistance, readability...
  • Ribbons
    Wax ribbon, resin, wax-resin. We produce ribbons for all producer of label printers
  • Energy Label
    Energy Label
    EU Directive 92/75/EC[1] established an energy consumption labelling schem...
Paper labels
Cheap paper etuiquette for product identification, to thermal transfer or direct thermal print
Wax, wax/resin, resin - we produce all kind of ribbons to label printers also in different colors
Plans for the future
 In connection with the thriving development, we purchased a plot of land in Zone Economic Activity [ ... ]  
About Us
Tomex Company was founded in January 2010 in order to meet the needs of growing market with automatic identification and labeling products. We are a company open to a long-term business cooperation. With years of experience and market presence will help partners in ...