Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels are used to print variable and constant information.

They are covered with a special thermosensitive substance, which becomes dark under the influence of heat (the hot head in the printer), and they are used for marking products, where printing efficiency is more important than durability.

The most commonly used material for the production of thermal labels is thermal Eco (Eco thermal), which is cheap, but the label is not highly durable, it is resistant to external factors. While the thermal material Top (Top thermal), whose top layer is additionally protected, protects the print and is durable in use. Thermal labels are often used in the food industry, the marking of packaging, freezing, also in the logistics industry to the pallet label printing, variable barcode.

We produce thermal labels for almost all label printers on the market:

  • thermal labels for Zebra
  • thermal labels for Citizen
  • thermal labels for Sato
  • thermal labels for Toshiba

and much more. Ask the consultant about the terms of cooperation.