Paper labels

Paper labels are the most popular solution for marking and identifying products.

From self-adhesive labels to non-adhesive labels (the so-called tags), it is one of the cheapest ways to label products for almost every industry.

Customers in the food industry, logistics, home appliances and electronics, automotive, textile and electronics widely use paper labels for basic applications. Often, paper labels must have a special adhesive resistant to low or high temperatures, appropriate to the current humidity and environmental conditions. Paper label(s) can maintain high print visible to the target client. On the other hand, when it comes to low price tag, we can use cheaper materials, which are characterized by lower durability.

A paper label also serves as an eye-catcher for a given product. Carefully finished and printed on our flexographic and digital machines, it allows you to obtain the maximum effect from the sale of products or services. In addition, paper stickers are designed to inform about the expiry date, nutrients of the product or the manufacturer / importer.

The self-adhesive paper material is intended for: labels for food products, logistic labels, labels for frozen products (for freezing), information labels, warehouse labels, distribution labels, production labels, energy labels.

Paper labels are divided into two main types:

  • paper labels - thermal
  • paper labels - thermal transfer

We produce paper labels for almost all label printers on the market:

  • labels for Zebra
  • labels for Citizen
    labels for Sato
    labels for Toshiba

and many others. Ask the consultant about the terms of cooperation