Specialized Ribons

Color ribbons - Color thermal transfer ribbons. Thanks to the color printout, the labels will stand out from the rest.
The ribbons are compatible with ZEBRA, Metapace, Citizen thermal transfer printers, etc. The selection for the appropriate ribbon allows for correct one-color printing.

Textile tracing papers - Special purpose tracing papers. Textiles of the highest quality are most often used for printing on textile materials such as nylon or satin, i.e. on clothing tags or inserts. The print made with such tracing paper is resistant to high temperatures, does not rub off and is resistant to washing.

Near-edge ribbons - Ribbon for thermal transfer printing on printers equipped with an edge head. These are high-quality ribbons dedicated to high printing speeds, as is the case in industrial and semi-industrial printers with an edge head (near egde printhead).