Peel-off labels

Thanks to the newest Mark Andy P5 machine, we have expanded the possibilities of printing labels with:

  • Peel-off labels (see below)
  • Shrink labels
  • Gilded labels
  • Braille labels

Peel-off labels, also called peel & read, booklet labels are nothing but paper labels, multi-sided foil labels. They are used wherever it is necessary to place a large amount of information on a limited space. This type of solution is used by customers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical industries, where it is necessary to include, for example, information in several languages.

Manufacturers use this type of label also for marketing purposes, to show on the first page the name of the product or general information about the promotion, and after opening the label to put detailed information such as manuals, description or promotional code.

Our company offers multi-color printing of labels with the possibility of printing on the adhesive side, securing the front of the label with UV varnish or laminate.