Foil labels

Self-adhesive film labels are a popular solution for difficult applications requiring high durability label.

Foil stickers are used in many industries ranging from normal use as product labels, eg. The cosmetics, the food industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, logistics and storage. We can stick them on the glass, barrels, packaging, chemicals, various metals, electronics and appliances, woodwork, gardening articles, clothing and textiles, electronic devices or industrial, or wherever is important resistance label and long term its usefulness.

You will find foil labels for every application and practically every material. Automatically available are: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), TYVEK®, polyester (PET), vinyl (PVC), polyimide (PI), polyolefin, polycarbonate (PC), and laminates to protect the printing on a label. Basic types of plastics from which we cut labels:

  • PE - polyethylene
    It is a material with a high resistance to acids, bases, salts and most of organic compounds and chemicals. PE labels are characterized by adequate resistance for less demanding applications and are resistant to external factors such as: moisture, water, sunlight.
  • PP - polypropylene
    Polypropylene has high chemical resistance to salt solutions, strong acids and bases, alcohols, fats and oils. It stretches minimally and does not tear when high forces are applied. It can be successfully used as nameplates on products with a service life of approx. 3 - 5 years. Polypropylene has good adhesion to irregular surfaces and has a working temperature range from 0 to +100 ° C.
  • PET - polyester
    It is one of the most durable material in terms of mechanical and thermal. We offer polyester tags where self-adhesive labels cannot be used, e.g. for marking goods in horticulture, wood industry and metallurgy. They are resistant to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Polyester is also used in the form of self-adhesive labels, which work very well in the automotive, electronics and household appliances industries. Printing on PET labels with a resin tape ensures resistance to abrasion and chemicals.
  • PVC - vinyl
    PVC is the perfect solution for applications on uneven, curved or semicircular surfaces. The material is highly resistant to temperatures from approx. -48 C to approx. +92 C and to other external factors, such as: oils, gasoline, solvents, weak acids, cleaning agents.

Depending on the label material and glue, the raw materials can be easily detached from the surface or prevent tearing. Labels can delaminate and don't leave any mark on the surface, finding application as warranty seals and plates.

We are happy to help you choose the right material and glue for you. Applications of foil labels:

  • nameplates, where high durability to the surrounding conditions and a long period of keeping the imprint are required
  • information labels, directly on the products, fulfilling the information role for the customer about the composition of the product or the expiry date,
  • marketing labels are designed to encourage the customer to a purchase. These are multicolored labels with UV varnish, embossing, coldstamping, previously printed by us using the flexographic method,
  • seal labels, VOIDs that leave a trace after being torn off, crumbling and delaminating so as not to stick the label on other devices,
  • specialized labels, resistant to very high temperatures, moisture or frost, used in the electronics industry to cover PCBs, printed circuit boards passing through soldering furnaces, in the pharmaceutical and medical industry for freezing blood bags or marking during cryogenic freezing processes.

As a company with a strong market exsperience, we provide services at the highest level, the production is always consistent and specially planned for a specific order.

We produce polypropylene film labels for almost all label printers on the market:

  • labels for Zebra
  • labels for Citizen
  • labels for Sato
  • labels for Toshiba

and many more. Ask the consultant about the terms of cooperation.